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Palms’ Museum of Jurassic Technology

Come to the Museum of Jurassic Technology for something out of the ordinary. The museum’s curious displays and unorthodox presentation will either delight or confound you.    

Collections and exhibits

The museum’s exhibits have enigmatic titles like “No One May Ever Have the Same Knowledge” and “Garden of Eden on Wheels”. The former showcases a collection of letters in longhand that are addressed to a certain Mr. Wilson, while the latter revolves around a mobile home purported to have been designed after Noah’s Ark.  

Other exhibits are just as fanciful – “Tell the Bees” welcomes you into the world of folk remedies, while “The Lives of Perfect Creatures” is dedicated to the dogs that participated in the Soviet space program, the most famous of which is Laika.

Some of the more offbeat pieces on display include microminiature sculptures, micromosaics, and stereoradiographs depicting flowers.

Whether the information presented in these exhibits is fact, fiction, or a combination of both is not always clear and some of the displays are non sequiturs, but truthfulness and cohesion don’t seem to be the point. If anything, the museum creates an air of mystery around its subjects. Come with an open mind and be prepared for some random humor.

The Borzoi Kabinet Theater, the MJT Gift Shop, and the Tula Tea Room

The Borzoi Kabinet Theater screens two films hourly from Thursday to Sunday. “Levsha: The Tale of a Cross-eyed Lefty from Tula and the Steel Flea” tells the story of a left-handed craftsman, while “Obshee Delo – The Common Task” is a documentary that shines a light on the roots of the Russian space program.

The MJT Gift Shop sells commemorative t-shirts, china, prints, books and DVDs. Much like the museum’s exhibits, the store carries quirky items like 3D glasses, horn candles, and pinhole planetarium kits.

Once you’re done exploring the museum, come to the Tula Tea Room at the top floor, where you will be treated to complimentary cookies and Georgian black tea.

Performances, lectures, and other events at the museum

The museum hosts a variety of performances and lectures. Previous events include live musical performances by artists like Guy Klucevsek, Eva Salina, Bach Cello Suites, and the Varimezov Family Ensemble.

The museum has also hosted a spoken word event by The Reader’s Chorus and a joint symposium with The Esthetical Society for Transcendental and Applied Realization (ESTAR).

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Museum rules and regulations

Taking photos is not allowed anywhere in the museum and the use of mobile phones is prohibited. Guests are discouraged from bringing large, bulky bags like backpacks, strollers, and luggage which must be checked at the building’s entrance.

MJT is open 2:00 to 8:00 p.m. on Thursdays and 12:00 to 6:00 p.m. from Friday to Sunday. Ticket prices are as follows:

  • Adults –$ 8.00
  • Children ages 13 to 21 – $ 5.00
  • Full-time students –  $ 5.00
  • Persons 60 years or older –  $ 5.00
  • Unemployed individuals – $ 5.00
  • Differently-abled persons – $1.50
  • Active service personnel in uniform – $ 1.50

Children 12 years or younger may enter free of charge. Group or school visits must be arranged two weeks in advance so that the museum can schedule your trip outside of MJT’s regular hours.

For more information, visit their website.