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Koreatown Real Estate is Booming in Los Angeles

Property in Los Angeles is some of the most heavily sought after in the United States. Investors often keep a close eye on the region for developing markets and new opportunities. Are you looking for something new? One of the biggest, eye catching areas as of late seems to be the quaint community of Koreatown, Los Angeles.


Los Angeles contains the largest population of Korean-Americans in the United States. It should come as no surprise that LA has developed an exclusive neighborhood known as Koreatown. Many of the businesses are owned by Korean immigrants who came to America years ago.

Many of the Koreans who came to LA were looking for better economic opportunity. A reliable course of action for many was to purchase a property to start and own a small business. As of 2018, this community has grown into a thriving epicenter of Korean-American culture—and it is continually growing.

New Developments

The real estate development in Koreatown has been on the rise since the 1990’s. New businesses, offices and homes have appeared over the past few decades, helping the community expand.

In LA, Koreatown is considered one of three real estate market hot spots; the other two being Downtown Los Angeles and Hollywood. Koreatown is unique in that it offers its own cultural landscape for businesses to integrate with and thrive within.

In 2018, it’s common to find new buildings and developments along the strip. The community is growing rapidly with over 52 new developments this year. Investors looking for the best opportunity to claim their stake in Koreatown should be looking closely right now. The area is perfect for living spaces and travel destinations. You will find a multitude of apartments, hotels, shops and grocery stores among the existing properties.

What To Expect

Dip your toes into Koreatown property while the option is still available. This area is on track for reliable expansion in one of the most culturally unique neighborhoods of America. It caters to both residents and tourists looking for unique corners of LA to explore.

As the area continues to grow, businesses are buying property and getting their building designs approved. If you are looking for LA property in one the best up and coming locations, you should strongly consider Koreatown.Are you interested in Koreatown and want to know more about available properties?

Contact us today for more information about this wonderful opportunity and how we can help you get started.