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More investors open up to affordable housing and workplaces

As the year draws to a close, more companies have been expanding their investments in affordable housing and workplace developments. Investments managers, private equity capital firms, pension funds and real estate developers are becoming more active in this sector. One common denominator among all these firms is that they are currently involved in projects that aim to increase allocations in affordable housing along with workforce acquisition and development.

Attractive yields and more affordable housing options

Communities hoping to refinance and rehabilitate their apartment properties are creating opportunities to  acquire existing affordable housing businesses  along with portfolios.  According to industry experts, investments in the affordable housing and workplaces sector can alleviate drastic blows that may be brought about by tax reforms proposed by the government. In the event that the Congress decides to eliminate deductions and tax credits, affordable housing supply won’t have to suffer.

While so many federal housing programs are facing deep cuts with the impending tax reform this creates more opportunity to provide construction and permanent jobs along with the much needed quality of affordable housing to thousands of people.

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