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Events in Venice: The Venice Art Walk

Venice artwalk

Photo courtesy of LA Weekly

The Venice Art Walk is an annual fundraising event hosted by the Venice Family Clinic. The event brings together thousands of volunteers and artists with one goal: to raise funds for Venice Family Clinic’s uninsured and homeless patients.

The event is hosted at Los Angeles’ Google offices and is open to the public. Visitors can also enjoy various activities such as live music and entertainment, artist studio tours, and more.

Compared to most art walks, the Venice Art Walk is more organized, as visitors have access to a map, and entrances are well-marked. Many of the artworks can be viewed in gallery settings, and some even allow access to the artist’s private workspaces. All sites are located a short distance from each other, but shuttle buses are also available for those who’d like to get around quicker.

The Google offices is also the perfect venue for hosting the silent auction, as it boasts plenty of space along with live music performances, food trucks, and first aid stations situated just outside.

The Venice Art Walk Studio Tours

The Venice Art Walk Studio Tours offers participants a rare chance to meet numerous Venice artists in more than 50 studios, exhibits, and galleries.

Some of the artists and galleries featured in the 2016 studio tour  included Peter Fetterman Gallery, Marian Crostic, CAVE Gallery, Pamela Weir-Quiton, Jean Edelstein, Elizabeth Orleans, Brad Miller, Maria Greenshields-Ziman, Team Bungalow, and Corine Chaix.

In case you’re interested in having your Venice studio included in the 2017 studio tour, you can find the official application form here.

Venice Art Walk Angels

If you’d like to experience LA’s vibrant art and architecture scene like never before, you may want to consider becoming a Venice Art Walk Angel.

As a Venice Art Walk Angel, you get to enjoy exclusive access to special events while helping patients in need. Angels get access to one-of-a-kind art classes and workshops, rare private collections, special architecture tours, and meet talented local artists and architects.

If you’re interested in becoming an Art Walk Angel, visit this page for more information.

Venice’s vibrant art scene

The Venice Art Walk is just one of the many reasons that make the Venice art scene truly special. It joins the quarterly Venice Art Crawl, a similar event that transforms local businesses into “pop-up” galleries displaying the work of local artists.

Adding color to the neighborhood’s vibrant atmosphere is a dazzling collection of street art and murals, some of which were painted by Rip Cronk, one of the world’s most talented muralists. Cronk painted over a dozen murals in Venice, including famous pieces such as “Portrait of Abbot Kinney,” “Hobnobbing in Venice,” and a portrait of Jim Morrison, among several others.

Since the 1950s, Venice has been recognized as a hub for artistic creativity and talent. Numerous fine artists, craftsmen, and designers have studios within the neighborhood, and much of its social scene revolves around art shows, gallery openings, and small theaters and nightclubs featuring local talent. The neighborhood is also home to several artist’s galleries, vintage clothing stores, and antique shops, which are known to attract designers and entertainment personalities alike.