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How to Enforce a Section 8 Contract as a Landlord

Section 8 housing references a section of the Housing Act of 1937 which provides payment assistance for rental housing to low-income households. Public housing sometimes called Section 8 housing is managed by governmental agencies. However, in ...

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L.A. City Council Seeks to Regulate Airbnb

Successful short-term rental companies like Airbnb Inc. and others are now facing new rules in the Los Angeles area. On May 2 the L.A. City Council unanimously agreed upon their first set of proposed regulations for this booming industry. T...

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The California Exodus and the Housing Market

The real estate market across California has always been highly demanding. According to recent estimates, California may already be more than 3 million homes short of what is needed to support its population. A combination of the lack of housin...

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