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Tip For Investment Property Owners

We all use energy in our daily lives. It is as unavoidable as taxes. However, what many do not know is that researchers have determined that almost 40% of global energy has been linked to living/working space. We put our heads together and c...

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Is your rental unit’s water heater about to blow?

We can think of few things that will put a rental manager into a panic mode quicker than a tenant calling with news that there is no hot water in their unit. Moreover, as a property manager, we can attest to the love-hate relationship most prop...

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Happy Tenants are Paying Tenants

Did you know that a typical 200-unit apartment building loses about $150,000 annually to tenant turnover? That’s 8.6 percent of yearly gross operating income. The good news is that nearly 60 percent of all tenant turnover is controllable, and...

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Property Maintenance Guidelines

Getting your property ready for seasonal changes differs from area to area; however, some maintenance items are universal no matter what your climate. The fall is a time of transition in many ways. When it comes to your home, you want to make...

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Let’s Talk Gutters

We all know the obvious reasons that gutters are necessary, keeping the rain off your head as you exit your home or office and giving dads the world ‘round a reason to despise leaves. However, is there more to gutters than this? Actually,...

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