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L.A. City Council Seeks to Regulate Airbnb

Successful short-term rental companies like Airbnb Inc. and others are now facing new rules in the Los Angeles area. On May 2 the L.A. City Council unanimously agreed upon their first set of proposed regulations for this booming industry. T...

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The California Exodus and the Housing Market

The real estate market across California has always been highly demanding. According to recent estimates, California may already be more than 3 million homes short of what is needed to support its population. A combination of the lack of housin...

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Los Angeles Needs Looser Zoning Regulations

Zoning--Past and Present In the past, it was much easier for property owners to complete renovations, remodeling and additions with their property. For around the first 150 years or so of the United States existence, the government was viewe...

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City of Santa Monica Rent Increase Time Again!

City of Santa Monica  Rent Increase Time Again!   THE ANNUAL INCREASE PERCENTAGE is 2.9% EFFECTIVE September 1, 2018 THROUGH August 31, 2019 . The maximum increase cannot exceed $60.00. School District Parcel Tax cannot exceed $3...

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