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What is considered normal wear and tear?

What s constitutes normal vs. excessive when it comes to rental properties? This is an age-old question that all landlords face at some point. We compiled a list that while not comprehensive, covers many of the common areas of concern.  First,...

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Building Maintenance and Code Violations

California, landlords are required to provide safe living conditions as related to rental space for tenants. California Civil Code. The failure of a landlord to provide such conditions can lead to a violation of the law and impose civil and, at...

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The Cost Of Living In Earthquake Country

Anyone who has lived in California has most likely experienced the natural ever-shifting landscape AKA earthquakes. The effects are devastating and often expensive to landlords and renters alike. In recent months the topic of who foots the ...

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Addressing The Affordable Housing Crisis

America’s housing shortage has hit a tipping point. There is not enough affordable rental housing in America to support the expanding population of families in need. So how in a country of abundant resources is this possible? Hint, it’s ...

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Who’s Investing In Los Angeles?

Late in 2017 much to the surprise of many, Los Angeles displace New York City as the top city for foreign investment. A first for the left coast city and a sizable boost to its economy with a whopping $23 billion-plus overall, and $8.28 billion...

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