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Abbot Kinney District

Named for Venice’s founder, this mile-long stretch of shops, bars, and restaurants offers you a stellar shopping and dining experience. Located just minutes away from the beach, “The Coolest Block in America” is one of the neighborhood’...

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Best reasons to live in Santa Monica

Wake up to sunny skies and the gently rolling waves of the Pacific Ocean here in Santa Monica. Located west of downtown L.A., this beachfront city is home to more than 90,000 residents who have been captivated by its unique charm. Here’s...

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Why people are investing in apartment buildings

Apartment buildings are valued differently than single-family homes Single-family homes are appraised on the basis of comparable homes, which mean that their value is limited to that of similar properties in the area. This is something yo...

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Must-see attractions in Venice Beach

Developer Abbot Kinney envisioned a cultural mecca when he founded Venice in 1905. Today, a diverse group of people call this beachfront resort town home. “The Venice of America” continues to attract artists, young professionals, retailers,...

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