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Pending Rent Control

Pending Rent Control Nick Gillespie from the April 1994 issue • Carl Lambert got off relatively easy. In the wake of the massive 6.6 earthquake, buy cialis only one of his 12 apartment buildings was condemned. The quake rocked the 15-unit ...

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Tenancy in Common (TIC’s)

TENANCY IN COMMON (TIC’S) I’M SURE YOU’VE ALREADY HEARD THE NEW BUZZ word, no rx the new trend, the next big wave: Tenancy In Common fondly being referred to as TIC’s. Tenancy In Common is often also referred to as Fractional Ownership...

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The Best Advice of All

THE BEST ADVICE OF ALL THE PURPOSE OF THIS COLUMN IS HOPEFULLY TO BE NEWSWORTHY. TO TIE INTO WHATS CURRENTLY happening. Discuss the current market conditions, pharmacy expert forecasts, and different trends, address the new terminology, buzz...

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The Past 27 Years

THE PAST 27 YEARS By: Francyne Shapiro Lambert I want to take a moment to extend our warm wishes for good health and happiness in this 2006 New Year. I also must take the time to thank you and express our gratitude and appreciation for the pr...

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It Will Be Heaven In 11

I’d like to wish everyone a Happy New Year! I don’t want to seem trite but, search 2011 should be a much better year that 2010. I remember back in 1993 and 1994 when the mantra in the Real Estate Business was to stay alive until 1995. I...

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