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CAA Members Succeed in Challenging Two Bad Bills

The battles in Sacramento never cease to amaze me. Each time a bill that is harmful to Landlords pops up we have to go to battle and be ready for every change and turn. Years ago a bill was proposed that would require landlords to do a walkthro...

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Sacramento Shenanigans

I recently woke up at O’ Dark Thirty to catch the 6 AM flight to Sacramento to spend a day at the California Apartment Association (CAA) Board of Directors Meeting. The first order of business was the California Association Political Action C...

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Gwen Wunder: A Woman Of Valor

I am struggling to find the words that would adequately express my gratitude to have known and worked with Gwen. Weaving words together in an articulate and meaningful way was one of one of Gwen’s many talents. I so hope I can do her justice ...

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Five Mistakes Most Sellers Make:

Not having the property openly marketed on the MLS, help Loopnet and to other brokers. It is important to make sure that the listing agent splits fees fairly with other brokers to ensure that brokers are encouraged to expose the propert...

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