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Best Places to Eat in Mar Vista

Mar Vista is known for its welcoming residential communities, friendly locals and a delightful downtown with a vibrant mix of shops, restaurants and entertainment venues.

Restaurants in Mar Vista include old favorites and new establishments that are helping to make this neighborhood a foodie destination. Here are some of the best places to eat in Mar Vista:

  • Little Fatty/Accomplice bar

Chef/owner David Kuo’s Status Kuo has expanded and morphed into these two separate (but adjacent) destinations. Status Kuo was known for its American-Asian fusion food, and Little Fatty showcases more of David’s roots. It features Taiwanese soul food and his own rendition of classic Chinese restaurant offerings.

Accomplice bar describes itself as a “neighborhood cocktail joint in the heart of Mar Vista,” and serves Taiwanese beer, classic cocktails, and in-house concoctions, among others.

  • The Mar Vista

The newest kid on the block opened in January 2017 on Venice Boulevard, promising to be THE neighborhood restaurant of Mar Vista. Owned by restaurateurs D. Brandon Walker and Jill Davie, The Mar Vista boasts a sprawling dining area that feels like a community dining hall, and serves what it describes as “progressive Los Angeles.”

The seasonal menu features a wide range of influences, such as Brazilian churrasco, fresh salads, and guajillo chile mole. It also features nightly live music ranging from jazz to bluegrass.

  • Venice Grind Coffee Company

This long-time favorite neighborhood haunt on Venice Boulevard offers classic hot and iced coffee and tea, with a good selection of fruits, pastries and breads. The vibe here is always cozy and welcoming.

  • Sweet Lucie’s Ice Cream Shop

This well-loved ice cream truck business opened its very first scoop shop in 2015. Found on Venice Boulevard, the shop offers premium organic handmade ice cream and sorbets in a wide range of flavors, including gluten-free and vegan varieties. Sweet Lucie’s is the first USDA certified organic ice cream in Southern California.

  • The Grand View Market

This permanent market found on Venice Boulevard offers a wide selection of gourmet food and wine, and has a restaurant that serves sandwiches, coffee, smoothies, omelets, and wine and beer on tap. Food lovers relish the one-stop shopping and dining experience this place offers.

  • Mitsuwa Marketplace

Located on Centinela Avenue, this is another permanent market offering Japanese gourmet and deli food, including tofu, exotic fruits, noodles, teas, sweets, and many more. It also has a food court featuring about a dozen Japanese food stalls like Santouka and The Hamda Ya, serving ramen, katsu, tempura, and a host of other Japanese cuisine favorites.

  • Rustic Kitchen Market & Café

Also on Centinela Avenue, Rustic Kitchen is gaining popularity for its farm-to-table brunch menu and “easy eating options” like mac & cheese, grilled cheese sandwich, and steak frites.

  • Canela Cocina Latina

This family-owned restaurant opened in November 2016 on Venice Boulevard, boasting a Pan-Latin menu of Mexican and Guatemalan inspired dishes. This all-day restaurant doesn’t use animal byproducts like lard and chicken stock, and offers plenty of vegan and vegetarian fare.

  • Atmosphere Café

With its patio setting, wood features and trendy décor, Atmosphere Café is a great place for brunch and coffee breaks. The comforting vibe is matched by a delicious selection of coffee and food, including omelets, French toasts, gourmet sandwiches, and salads.